Mon, 01/26/2015 - 20:10 -- Fi

When time dawned first for me

A cry tore from blameless lips

Unbeknownst to I, naïve

That nothing pure remains


Indeed, the world blew through my lungs

Such earthly wisdom I inhaled

And I the darkness softly wrung

Of last pure remains


Time and knowledge brought their gifts

Of shadowy regret and shame

Teaching I to wisely lift

A veil of pure remains


One should question what could be

If the mind refused to wander

And the eyes not cursed to see

So nothing pure remains


For looking back see scattered wide

Pieces of what once was good

And slinking where the shadows lie

My last pure remains


At least, that’s what they say-


“Nothing’s perfect, no one’s sane,

Nothing that is pure remains”


Until One graced the earth with his feet

And taught man to lift the veils,

Break the rules,

Showed them what lies underneath

Pured their souls, piece by piece

Strange, what the world dismisses as



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