She puts it in a note
Its all there.
Everything she wrote.
She was angry,she was pissed
No idea how much she would be missed.
Its like she was in a game,
But its not exactly the same.
You see,her game game was survival.
She fought her life,her family, her friends...
Up until the very end.
Her life was too much
She couldn't keep up.
The game was too hard,she just gave up.
With only one life,she played as best she could.
She had no time outs or pauses.
She couldn't start over.
She just had to end it.Game over.
She tried to love,she did.
She tried to care, she did.
But all the lies,all the deceit,
Just led up to her untimely defeat.
She was too weak
So by her life,she had been beat.

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