This Is Not A Suicide Note

Mon, 06/03/2013 - 12:57 -- WydeveL


United States
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This is not a suicide note,
I may have depression and sometimes it's really hard to get up and live my life,
Sometimes I may cry for no reason and wish I could just give up,
But this is not a suicide note,
I've thought about it once or twice,
Even taken a blade to my skin,
But this is not a suicide note.
It could have been,
It almost was....
But I was saved,
Not by magic or one kind word,
But when I looked at my life and thought
'When did I sink so low?"
So I asked for help.
I wasn't magically cured
I'm not better
But I'm getting there.
I'm trying.
So I can proudly write that this is not a suicide note.
It's not a note for magical cures,
for "It Gets Better"
I can't tell you what kind of note this is.
I can only tell you what it's not.
This is not a suicide note.


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