Not so very thrilling

Sat, 01/25/2014 - 19:13 -- YaryVee

This world is spinning out of control 

The doubts are coming over me

pulling me no where but down.

The society's perfections

got me questioning my complexions.

Is this the reality? Cause it's got me stressin'.

My brothers and sisters being dragged down into the depression.

They all think they have no where to go and they follow the wrong direction. 

This world is not very thrilling.

They're trying to convince me that money is the key to impress them.

They say loosing your innocence at a young age will get you accepted.

That trading a night out in the street is better than getting that degree.

This society is not very thrilling.

Yet there's so many of us and none motivating for the change

But we let society use our names in vain. .



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