Not the Same

Sat, 06/15/2019 - 14:15 -- Beanmak

She’s not the same girl anymore

the girl that will moan and groan

And bicker and fight, something’s changed 

I don’t know what’s evolved, maybe

People are nicer or perhaps she’s not the same

The girl who sits on top of clouds in 

A bubble that protects her smile is

the girl she aspires to be; 

As she grows old she realizes 

Not everything deserves a reaction

The small conveniences deserve small reactions

As she continues her journey she leaves the message 

It is better to be at peace and happy, then 

happy with no peace, her values are different 

and her mindset is clear, stay true to yourself

and fake ness will disappear, she’s not the same

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As you read reflect off the person you use to be, be glad towards the person your are now, and pray for the person you’ll become 

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