Not The Only One

It starts with you.

In the beginning, there are only thoughts of you,

your likes, your fear, your talent, you don’t know the secret yet.

Until one day, after your 14th Birthday, you wake up, and you suddenly don’t feel only you.

For some reason, you look around and realize,

There are other people.You never saw them before, but now, they are there.

You don’t recall how long they have been there, but you also begin to feel something.

You react to their presence because now you see their likes, fears, and talent.

All of a sudden, you aren’t alone anymore. You realize the older you get from that initial moment,

The more people depend on you as a person. You realize you aren’t who you used to be.

You are no longer selfish, or prideful, or even reckless. All of those things are replaced by 

Charity, Humble Feelings, A sense of wonder about the world that has been around you the whole time.

From being 14 to 17, you finally begin to understand...

You are NOT the only one.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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