Not Just Your Earth

What Would You Change?


I would make it a law that only a certain amount of cars can be on this Earth.

we'll still go out, but use other forms of transportation to celebrate our mirth.

and we’ll save the beautiful planet on which we live,

grant the animals and plants the fresh air and habitats they deserve, or give.

I want to make the world a better place

not emac-

iate it. It’s not just ours, it’s also theirs.

So don't sprinkle the land bits of litter,

but pick up trash,and don't be bitter!

We won’t be able to enjoy the fresh pears,

and apples that grow on the trees in years that succeed us

because there won’t be any trees, that’s why i’m making a fuss!

So don’t just stand by aimless and slack,

jump into the fire

and don’t ever tire

this is not just your Earth,

it’s also theirs.



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