Not Even There


hands out

with your palms up

burned and bruised

as you're reaching for love

that isn't even there


arms aching 

outstretched  for so long

years and years

embraced around a lover

who isn't even there


hands near sides

clenched, tensing as you grab for something

ahold of something

another hand

that's not even there


a person

wrapped around your finger

you know every detail about them

yet they don't know

that you're even there



walking past 

bumping by

they don't even notice

that you're right here


your thoughts

telling you flaws in which you hold

Tugging and gnawing

acting as if your feelings

aren't even there


your fingers 

holding on with tight grip

onto your torn up pieces

but they get too tense, crushing these pieces

that were never even there


you're trying to hold your pieces together

but lose focus

and as you fall apart

you watch them fall

'til they disappear

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