Not on Equal Grounds

Wed, 03/13/2013 - 23:03 -- c8lyn94

We live in a place
Filled with promises
That are disgraced
Where some are privileged
and others oppressed
While our ignorance continues
This disgrace
Land of equality
Bull shit I say
American Dream
For all who try?
Yeah right
We can all strive
but we're not on equal grounds
Some of us are still discriminated
Just look around
Not because you're racist
But because its a social construct
where whites males are supreme
Don't take it to personally
Don't be ignorant
Come in right
Come in through my eyes
Where people get segregated
from opportunity
Yes I'm white
Yes I'm Female
Yes I have more privileges then many of thy neighbors
In other low end town
Yes I feel guilt that I'm a part
However it's guilt that makes a change
Makes us see
It's better to feel guilt
Then feel nothing at all
To acknowledge this injustice here in my home town
Here where we were all once kids with dreams
Of this so called American Dream
But just Google White supremacy
And you will see

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