Not Enough Time


United States
29° 17' 20.5404" N, 81° 11' 8.7864" W

Walking off the airplane
he stands proudly in his camis.
I waited to see this day
ever since he last boarded the plane.

Open arms and a smile painted on his face,
I can recognize the scent of Calvin Klein from three miles away.
The touch warms my heart , and the heat of the sun dries my tear stained shirt.
I lay my head on his chest, and hear the beating.
The beating of a heart that will one day save many hearts.
The heart that is put in danger every day.
The heart that is courageous enough to face the world.
The heart that came home.

His leave is only seven days long,
and he has been gone for seven long months.
How can we sum up our whole seven months in just a few short days?
There is not enough time in the world for what I have to say.
The hour glass is running down, and there is so much more to say.

“I’m so proud.”
“You’re the only thing your family ever talks about.”
“When will you be home again?”

Semper Fidelis runs in his blood.
Parris Island built him up, now the world is going to try and push him down.

It will not be smooth sailing,
but we can both get through it.

Walking towards the airplane
he waits proudly in his camis.
I’ll be waiting to see him again,
except he will be walking the other way.


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