"not cool"

I put my pencil to the page

And let my mind go free

But I have to hide my face

And my poetry

Cuz as a high-school student

Living where I do

Poetry is boring

And it's definitely

Not cool.

Now skinny jeans

And designer shoes

Expensive phones

And bracelets will do

As long as you're smaller...

Than a size 2

And you're brainwashed

To think


Same sense of humor

Clipped Wings

You can't


That's cool

That's how to be


That's how to be liked

But poetry…

Poetry Isn't


It isn't cool

Because to write poetry

You have to



You have to be free

You have to have

A mind of your own

You have to have...


But see in high school today


Are shunned

Pushed deep down inside

Where no one

Can find them.

Because emotions

Make you different

Emotions make you weak

But emotions also

Make us human

And emotions...




It's not just people

Thinking of rhymes

or lyrics

It's people listening

To their heart


To their soul

And writing

What they believe


What they see...


So poetry may not

Be cool

But neither

Is being popular

If everyone popular

Is the same.

Blonde hair

Size 2

Lots of money

But no problems to...

Deal with

Because they push

Them down

Away from the world

As if they never

Even had them

In the first place

But see high school

Isn't a race

To see who can be

The most plastic minded.

The most beautiful girl

The strongest boy

The richest one

The smartest one

It's not a race

To see who's the best

Because everyone

Is different


Needs to do their own thing

Because their own thing

Is what makes them

Who they are

You need to become

One person

Not a group

Not a clique

And poetry won't change

Who you are

But it will help you open up

It will help you learn

Who you are inside

It will show you

Who you


So maybe

Poetry's not cool

But neither

Is hiding behind a face of

Caked-on makeup

Because you don't see

Your own beauty

Or hiding behind diet pills

And steroids

Because someone called you fat

Or weak

Neither is spending money

You don't


Or pretending

You're not sad

Because everyone has feelings

Everyone has emotions

But if you always push that away

No one will ever know

Who you truly are

And I'm sorry to say

But that's

What is

“not cool”

Its not

The poetry...


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