Nostalgia Burns

What could this all be about?

You creep into almost all of my dreams. 

I just thought that I forgot about you again, or so it seems. 

I honestly haven't seen you in years. 

However, forgetting you never comes near.

You are fascinating to me. 

I'm passionate about even the little traces. 

I go through all of the phases. 

I feel the bliss, nostaglia and melancholy.

Oh, how I would impress you over and over.

Though outwardly, I'm just a loner.

Here we go again. 

The tears swell and it begins. 

Wow, this is so much more than I can handle. 

You strike a match in me and I melt like a candle. 

I long for fluttering eyelashes and eye contact. 

Yes, that look in your green eyes and my heart reacts. 

I long for the sound of our laughter.

Sometimes I think about it though it's long after. 

It's been a long time.

Even if I lose my mind, 

I'll never ever forget about you. 

You're in my flashbulb memories through and through. 

Lighting up my memory even after the wick burns out. 

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