You see I don't want to grow up

and I don't want to leave you

I don't want to leave behind my memories.

I will look back on these times with such a frantic nostalgia that I fear I will end up alone in a house to myself sitting in a chair replaying that time you said, "Let's go on an adventure"

But you know this adventure won't last forever and that time keeps ticking ticking and stops for no one no matter how revolutionary you are and I'm sorry that I can't be there for you when you need me to and I'm sorry that I'm getting taller maybe not wiser and I'm sorry that you have to watch me go farther but at least its not like me 

watching you

from the back of the car getting smaller and smaller. 

Why do things change with time?

Why can't you know your future? But then again why would you want to... Why can't I escape my past Why can't I escape my past that hasn't even happened yet? I look with retrospect on things that have not even occured and I break down and I cry and I cry and I cry and I wonder why.

I cry because its over and I smile because it happened but I really don't want to be left alone

in solitude



because if I'm left alone then the only companions I have left are my thoughts and my thoughts are sometimes very cruel so please,

lets go on an adventure

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