The Nonexistent

Fri, 07/11/2014 - 13:30 -- EG108


I have no voice.

My thoughts are dying stars, light-years from our brief contact,

Gigabytes stored at stacked at the crux of cerebral cyberspace.

Their words are mud and sand.

I try to speak;

There's the look.


I have no sound.

I am a muted picture-box, my eyes are black and white and

I can see myself fading into the static.

Can you hear me?

I reach for the volume;

There's the look.


I have no life.

I am a wisp in the willows, the joker of the deck,

A faded blade of grass on a backdrop lost to time.

What am I?

Can you help me clarify?

There's the look.


Again, again, again, again!

I have no mouth

To speak

Or to



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