#NoFilter - Ashton Rutherford


If my words were to not have a filter on them then I would say what's truly on my mind.  I would speak words that come from my soul.  I would let people know how I feel, I would let them know the words I should have said that are now too late to say.  This one goes out to my first young and dumb love. It explains my view on love. Sorry if it is cheesy.

It's something that you want, it's something that you can feel.

It's not something that can be purchased like a value meal.

It's something amazing and something so great.

It's something that can only be found through fate.

Some people get it at first sight.

Some people develop it slowly over their life.

It's something you can have, but nothing you can hold.

It's something very warm, the opposite of cold.

Something that can overwhelm you and is so very bold.

Something that last with you until you're very old.

It's something miraculous, like it's from heaven above.

We only have one word fr it and that word is "love."

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