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Without my filter, I'm me. 

Without my filter, I’m who I am supposed to be.

Without my filter, I'm judged

because no one understands what it's like to be me.


My filter is my mask.

Partnered with my flask.

Oh where did I go wrong?

Or should I even ask?


My filter is my shade in the glistening sun.

And my safety as the day’s begun.

My filter protects me now,

but will eventually kick me when I’m down.

Oh why do I do this to myself?


I see my filter as temporary change,

but fear my filter is changing my brain.


Something insane

but I have me to blame

to be the same

all for that desired fame.


But is it worth it?

Because I’m me,

and that’s all I could ever be.


My filter isn’t me.

It defines who I wish I could be.


My filter isn’t me

Because I fear that me isn’t what everyone wants me to be.


My filter isn’t me.

And I’m all I could ever be.

And if you don’t like that, I’m sorry.

But imma just keep doin’ me.

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This poem is based on how my everyday filter is casting a shadow over my true personality.

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