Nobody Ever Told Me


Nobody ever told me that growing up meant leaving things behind,

that dreams don't just appear but are to be fought for,

that it had to be something possible to be given a thought or that one-day independence will arrive,

that the goal was to strive and maybe even to drive and arrive at the place where you aimed to be,

But before that nobody ever told me…

That people come and go, that people say no,

that not everyone is who you think they are,

that it was childish to wish upon a star,

that society is pretty scary, and that friends vary and sometimes will become unknown,

that there are distractions that are unshown, hidden,  so open your eyes, to become aware,

And then again nobody ever told me…

Finding love is rare but patience is key,

that one day maybe years from now I’ll be asking why me?

That I wouldn’t feel the pain of heartbreak ever again, pieces of my heart scattered like rain,

yet have a hope a strong as an anchor for my soul, Hebrews 6:19,

and as a teen learned to not worry if I was unseen, that God is love, 1 John 4:8,

and all I needed was to wait.

Nobody ever told me…

that people hate,

that it was a thing to have a rate and to worry so much about it,

that I would sit and think and that just in a blink people gave you a title,

either good or bad, yet its kinda sad not even one-bit rad that people are worrying to have a good reputation,

maybe not worry about their education or dedication,

people have the potential to be gentle and be themselves, as well as achieving the unachieved.


What they did tell me is to have expectations, sometimes positive and at times negative,

But never stop and look back,

maybe just a flashback but just with that see where you have grown and shown the world that you don’t just give up,

but then later say “yup” I made it.

Learn from what you’ve experienced,  life is a lesson waiting to be taught any second of your existence on this world...


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