Like Nobody Else Can

In a little white house,

all lights are off except for one.

In a bathroom, a woman sits on the floor

A breakdown has begun.


Hair's a wreck

No makeup on

Tears streaming down her face

Oh, what a sight for anyone to stumble upon.


The door creaks

her sniffles go silent

wiping the wet spots from her cheeks.


He walks in,

eyes groggy from sleep.


She can’t help it,

immediately she weeps.

“I’m sorry.”


He’s awake now,

sitting down on the cold floor.

He grasps her hands

“What for?”


She shakes her head, pulling her hands away.

“I’m a mess.”


Her eyes fill with dismay

“Nobody wants that.”


His heart breaks

“What if I do?”

She stares at the floor

“Why would you?”


He reaches for her hair,

pulling stray strands behind her ear.

“Because,” he says,

wiping away a tear.


She looks up,

watching his face.

“Because why?” she questions,

feeling her heart race.


“I love you” he answers,

grabbing her hands once again.

She looks skeptical.

“What does that mean, then?”


He smiles,

“I’ve seen you in your pajamas,

dancing in the kitchen like no one’s business.

Hands up, lip syncing

doing those moves you wouldn’t want anyone to witness.


“I’ve seen you on date night,

hair curled, makeup on

wearing the most alluring dress

making you such a gorgeous sight.


“I’ve seen you in the morning while you’re still asleep.

Mouth open, drool on the sheets.

The covers around you in a jumbled heap,”


He looked at her,

chuckling at her confusion.

“So?” she snaps

He sighs, preparing for his conclusion


“What you don’t see,

Is that I’ve seen you at your highs and lows;

on the days where you don’t want to be around me,

fearful of what I would think.


“I never thought of you as any less;

now I’ve seen you at your worst,

and all I can say is that I don’t see a mess.


“I see a beautiful woman

just a little overcome from stress.

She still makes me laugh

and can love me like nobody else can.”


He wraps her into his embrace,

feeling more tears fall from her face.

“And I am the man who can love her like nobody else can.”


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