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It's nights like this Where my mind is a cage My thoughts rattling around behind the bars Negativity Hate Anxiety Insecurity Screaming at my from every angle I can't process my thoughts
Kicked in the stomach But standing straight  Smile on  But inside tears escape    Bruno mars and backseat singing  windows rolled down  highway swerving   
In a little white house, all lights are off except for one. In a bathroom, a woman sits on the floor A breakdown has begun.   Hair's a wreck
I’m scared of myself For when school starts See, I’m not depressed But in form time   My mind works overtime  
Sucking in the scent through swollen red nostrils.
Maybe, just maybe, you can see me screaming.
After all the people leave— The raucous laughter has died down, goodbyes have been said, The lights have all gone out, and people have left for some other party— What happens to a building?  
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