Noah cure teen call caul when Oscar goes wild


When juiced a spore sized embryo, early in utero; fetus 

   evinces atavistic miniaturization, 

   where nascent differentiation wrought 
physical resemblance to seek reachers, 

   sans Tarzan and Jane forebears,

   or exemplification of religious embodiments writ upon taut 
lee helical real to reel strung nano deoxyribonucleic acid, 

   where dome min ant 

   ander recessive traits pop and/or mom genes sought

took comb hing gull, where foxy fiery hander chrome hat tick 

   microscopic threads ineluctably 

   hired bot to weave warp and woof for naught

heard interpretive soundcloud issue onomatopoetic beat,
   whether as: 

   the Marseillaise, muezzin, or reveille blown in the wind

   by alimentary mechanic, ass killed in all manner of ought  
   tow mobile craftsmanship, which possibly inflated and made pregnant, 

   when one seem n

thrashed within the timed zona pellucida drawbridge, 

   hooping an ova to snag, 
   though odds stacked against the most basic cell fish competition fought

in the anal z of evolutionary biology informing Homo sapiens 

   one errant or defiant game gamete perhaps hinting a gamine

tubby wonderfully woven with wisps viz The Idler Wheel Is Wiser 

   than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You 

   More than Ropes Will Ever Do a ha at last that renegade oocyte 

   nabbed, analogously the Michael Phelps re: among the flagellated 

   madding crowdsource qua squirming sperm-faction caught

thence the commencement when trappings for a newborn bought

   years later reviewing prenatal sonograms with grown son or daughter

   pointing out how he/she editorialized, epitomized, and exemplified

   in miniature (no bigger than any letter of the alphabet), 

   and closely resembled many creatures extant throughout the briny deep 

   such as an amphibian, reptile or Argonaut. 




























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