Fri, 06/10/2016 - 01:22 -- lizann

Day 1 

I was afraid to have to repeat it again

in the hospital because I'd rather be dead

I have been there before, baggy scrubs and socks

Stomach in knots, my poisoned liver still rots

I sat aroud the table and introduced myself

The others the same, all lacking mental health

Day 2 

I knew you were different from the things you said

from the things you knew, and the things you read

your poetry was beautiful 

better than mine

I hated to admit it,

but it made me cry

Day 3

So I took a shot and wrote you a poem

Your soul deserved it, I could see it was so broken

You were in tears after family visiting hours

It hurt me to see that, my stomach a familiar sour

The time wasn't right to give you my words

I know depression's power, it's affect is absurd

I handed it to you later to read when you felt the need

And crept back in my room with the book you had given me

You read it while I was away, to the rest of the group

Said you love it so much

my stomach this time turned to soup

Day 4

We talked and colored and discussed several topics

It seemed we gravitated towards eachother, others could spot it

They made jokes about us, but their words I just ignored

I bought tickets to your brain

it was a museum with a great tour

You were supposed to leave tomorrow

and go home

but something made you wanna stay, and not wanna go

Did I keep you here or did your toxic dad?

And was I conceited for thinking that?

I was worried you were leaving like the nurses said 

But tried to let my eyes wander back to your book instead

Day 5

You sat in your family meeting while my mind kept racing

Things were looking good though, said you weren't complacent

said you couldn't go home, so I didn't think they'd make you

and continued with my day at ease

my stomach followed suit

we had lunch and group and took a walk

we came back in

you had your bags packed so I stopped

"I'm leaving in a couple minutes" you said to all of us

My stomach infected again, that phrase was a virus

I gave you a hug goodbye with the rest of the patients

But the staffs' patience snapped saying "Boundaries! No hugs on any basis!"

So off you went and I thought you'd become my past

I only knew your first name, I couldn't spell your last

How would I find you again? I felt a sense of doom

Walked back to my door and shut myself in my room

Day 6

I awoke and my stomach knew before me

My eyes stung as I saw the book on my seat 

Since I didn't think you were leaving I didn't have the time 

To give it back to you while I said my goodbyes

Your presence overwhelmed me and I couldn't break the book's gaze

How could I miss someone I knew for 5 days? 

Day 7 

Day 8 

Day 9 

Day 10

I was discharged and immediadely searched the internet

but couldn't find you anywhere, so my mind was set

I tried so many different combinations of letters

all attempts were wrong, I should have known better

Day 11

I tried one more combination, low and behold

Your face popped up like I had just struck gold

Day 61

You are still in my life, and I am so happy

I am so happy

I am finally













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