No. You. Love.

Listen, sister, for this talk unsettles me. Stop here. Because

You are not the sum of things you have made.

You are not the sum of others' judgements, opinions - no.

You are a connection to the Creator, a crooked pencil

Whose graphite stores the power of a thousand sketches.

To be beautiful is to love - that's the simplest truth, no

Matter the purity of your pores, the brilliance of your teeth,

To be beautiful is to love and let the love glow through

Your pockmarked skin, hair and all -no

Need to be the smooth golden-legged Venus - and

Your abdomen with the soft pillow between the muscle and epidermis, darling -

None of this can obscure your soul. A Roman nose is no

Hindrance, freckled skin  no filter, for your unadulterated soul.

You needn't settle, settle in, settle down, to comfortable misery,

to constant aching, to hating - you can change. 

Change your mind. Change your habits, change your attitude, grow - but, no,

You cannot be another. No body's yours but your own

And its inabilities, limitations - What are those! No

Mistakes, no objects for derision and bemoaning, but

Careful orchesrations tuned by a designer to give

Outline to your life. They can teach you, if you let them - no

Surgery or diet pills required. Lies, the magazines, lies, the movie scenes

Where the sculpted beauties pretend to be ordinary lives


You need none of those things advertised, scrutinized.

Your love is all that's needed.

Only that,

and nothing else need be obliged.

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that is the complete truth. this is a beautiful poem


Thank you :)


This is a beautiful poem, I really love the way you write. The wording gives it such a beautiful airy flow


Thank you so much!


I absolutly love this! It's so encouraging.


I'm so glad you found it so :) Thank you!

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