No Surviver

Tue, 05/10/2016 - 14:16 -- KLANDLA

I am not a surviver

This is my note that says I failed

My death didn't matter and neither have I

All I needed was wanting to know "Why"

I am no surviver


you've told me I'm strong

You said I'm a fighter

For I am just weak

I'm only a writer


I am not amazing

Stop saying that I am

All that I be

Is what they all tell me

I am not a surviver


I am sorry

I can't keep fighting

This poem is sad

But when are they not

It's best if I go

It hurts when I stay

When I am done writing

You'll know I've gone away










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than don't stop writing 

instead just breathe

let the words flow through you 

you don't have to be brave 

just take a deep breath 

let your mind drift off to sleep 

don't give up yet 

your fear hasn't set you free 

~ Seawolf 


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