No Shock Value

People are curious by nature  When I tic in public I get an ocean of judgmental eyes pointed at me    A few people even come up and ask questions  Feeding their curiosity  Why do you curse?  Why does everyone with Tourette's curse?  Have you tried smoking weed?  Can you stop?  There are children here can you leave?  I am part of the 10% that does curse  Please do not think I am the majority here  If I didn't scream obscenities would you still know what it was  If you saw the way my face caresses my shoulder  Saw the way my fingers twitched into positions that resemble gang signs  Saw how my spine betrays me and throws my head back so hard my ass kisses the floor  Would you still ngant to know  Or would you pass judgment on me so silently  Whisper to your friends about that weird girl who's probably on drugs  Or mentally incapacitated?  My Tourette's is not a damn punchline I am more than a gimmick to show your friends   More than a sideshow to entertain or disturb  This isn't to say don't ask questions  I'm more than happy to educate you on this  But I'm so damn tired of being a fucking joke  Only worth the shock value I bring  At the parties I go to they only like me when my tics are funny  Even my boyfriend doesn't like the embarrassing tics  The tics that bruise my chest  The tics that cause a scene  I'm so damn tired of being a one stop attraction  So please  I know it's hard to not stare  But keep your eyes to yourself  I don't need you to be sorry  I just need you to be understanding  


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