No rejection

One planet
Many here
Living their habits
Thinking clear
Ideals are necessary
For friends to get
But it also creates adversaries
And we won't forget

Every time I turn on the TV
I see chaos unreal
Wars, Corona and all that scrap
Personally this is a ton load of crap
But the cause is simple to find
Discord in everyone's life
Caused one thing we all got
Even if we poor and all
We always have this one call
Ideals are belonged by a lot

You and I, we're not alike
I believe in mine
While you follow your way on your hike
We walk apart you and I
But I just ask myself, why
We two are different, that is the case
But this world is not a maze
It doesn't have to be.
Just because we think nothing like that
Doesn't mean that you should leave me
Nor should I no matter what

We all have different opinions and beliefs
But, due to this, our friendship shouldn't freeze
Because you see, you and I accept each other's ideals
Because so, we can get along for reals
With no discord whatsoever
In this world forever

This poem is about: 
Our world


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