No Regret


United States
41° 36' 20.5128" N, 83° 33' 56.2968" W

My fait slips,
My will does not catch me.
My hand trembles,
As I hold this blade.
I shut my eyes,
And take a deep breath.
My lip quivers,
As tears begin to fall;
I feel the pain,
As it rises up my arm.
The pain turns to pleasure.
My tears cease;
A smile prevails.
Uncertainty is clarified,
And intentions are set.
I promise there will be
No Regret.



Your poem relates to me in a huge way. I'm been in that path and now i am on it again i find myself lost and alone. Now i know i am not alone.

Daylynn Kahn

I am truely sorry you find yourself on this path once again. I know its painful and scary, but I found my way through and so will you ! I know I'm just some stranger but if you ever need someone to help you I am here. If you need an ear I'll lend you mine. I hope & pray you find your way off of this unforgiving path soon.

Always, DayLynn <3

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