No One Left.

I cried again and again!

Waiting day after day.

Just hoping for the day

The day you admit you were wrong!

You were supposed to be the one.

The one I called dad.

The one man that would never break my heart.

You were my only hope.

I always dreamed of the day.

The day you would get to give me away.

Give your consent to the man you knew would treat me just as well as you had and better.

I never had a mother only you.

You were never my biological father but you played the role.

Now I don’t even know you.

You let a wreck identical to the woman who left me for drugs come and destroy us!

I never saw this coming, not from you.

I sit here every day,

Every holiday.

Crying, just wishing you’d come back.

To open my door and see you.

I’m trying to see.

Trying to see the real you.

You were the last family I had left and you ran too.

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