No One Came

I tried to keep her from flooding my head with her mean words. but sometimes I fail, and I lose controlYou're so annoyingno, I'm notYou are a terrible personI'm a pretty good person,You aren't good enoughI'm doing the best I canYou're crazy/psychoI might not be the sanest person bit I don't think-They don't like being around you, they merely put up with youProbablyThey don't love you. They want you to leave them aloneI guess if you say sothey don't notice you most times.I knowI wonder if they know how much pain I'm inOf course not, stupid. They don't care about youWhat would they do if I told them about you?They'd be appalled, probably cut you out of their lifeWhy don't I ever get hug anymore?HEY STUPID! THEY DON'T WANT YOU AROUND. Idiot.I just want someone to hug me, and tell me that they will listen, I want someone to just be there for me when I need themYou HONESTLY think ANYONE cares about you enough to listen? And NOT judge you? Wow, I thought you had some sense left but i guess not.Someone. Please help meNo one loves youPlease helpNo one's comingNo ones coming...No one came. 

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