No Nurture


Hey mother,
I know you didn't expect this
It's already been three months, only six more of bliss
Have you picked out my name? Have you even told dad?
I know when he finds out I'm a girl he'll be really mad.

Hey Father,
I didn't mean to disappoint you.
Please give me a chance.
Just look in my eyes
I'll put you in a trance.

Hey parents,
Where have you gone?
I'm not sure what I did wrong
Why can't you stay together?
This family didn't last long

Hey brother,
Please forgive my cries at night
Its hard to sleep in our world full of frights
I'm sad to say, I'm not sure whats ahead
but I have a strange feeling we're hanging by a thread

Hey mother,
I know it's been hard since dad moved away
He couldn't finish college with us in his way.
I know you feel the stress to find a replacement for him,
but this life has always told us to sink or swim.

Hey father,
Why don't you ever answer my calls?
your technicolor heart is leaving me to take the fall.
My teachers at school wonder how I'm able to keep a smile.
I really want to tell them it's been fake for awhile.

Hey parents,
if this isn't my fault, why am I in the middle of this burning bridge?
I really just wish I had been a miscarriage.
I've had to bring all my emotion to a halt
you just won't let my wounds go without a little salt.

Hey brother,
At least dad still comes around to take you to the game.
I don't even know if he remembers my name.
Mom's got a new man, and I'm glad she's happy,
but being this alone has never felt so crappy.

Hey mother,
Should I call him dad?
He scares me every time he gets mad.
How long do you think he'll stay around?
He calls you his queen, but where is your crown?

Hey father,
I know you're getting remarried too.
But if I was never your princess, what does that make you?
Soon she'll know you only care for yourself
just like me, her needs will be put on the shelf.

Hey parents,
I've got nothing left to remind me of home
The doctors all think I have some kind of syndrome
who needs dreams when all has been crushed?
I'm cutting myself just to watch the blood gush

Hey mother,
I know that he drives you crazy
playing on the computer all day comes off as lazy
But please, I'm begging you, just put the pills down
I need you to be there the day I wear my wedding gown.

Hey father,
Brand new baby shoes never were worn
but that's no reason to let this family be torn
If you really believe you can't put down that drink
the time we have left will pass by in a blink.

Hey parents,
Since you aren't looking I've got new things to try
really just anything to make me feel high
I keep my headphones in to ignore all your sin
but the memories keep flooding back in again.

Hey mother,
This separation is all for the best
All of the fighting has left everyone stressed
Who needs a father anyway?
This ship is better sailed at bay.

Hey father,
Mom says we're going to stay with you for now.
But to your lies you call life, I will never bow.
Your methods of showing love are nothing but cruel.
If you think this will end well, you must be a fool.

Hey Savannah,
Keep it together honey. Hold it all in.
They would kill to see your patience run thin.
As long as you keep your secrets and nobody knows
you can pretend this life doesn't have any woes.
Put down the pipe, just be glad you're alive.
don't depend on a stranger to help you revive.
Maybe one day you can have a family of your own
but your scars on your heart are yours to atone.



Great Poem,

I can tell that there's a lot of heart in this poem. Everyone has their scars to bare, so keep you head up and know that you are not alone. You should keep writing because sometimes it's the only kind of release you can get. Plus another person in this situation could find hope in a poem like this.


That fate button really doesnt lie. It was fate that I was led to this. I have a similar story, and its comforting to know Im not alone. Thank you for your beautiful poem.

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