No More

Don’t tell me what I am meant to wantDon’t limit me to your brain’s capacitySociety was only made to flauntthe very flaws within societyA culture built on fear and hateWhat other outcome could be in store?A woman’s job is it sit and waitAny more than that and she’s a whoreFor all of my life I could never understandWhy we are limited by the close minded?Why do we accept the oppressive hand?Why we let ourselves stay blinded? No more for me.I will no longer be oppressed.I am a woman that will be whoever I wish to be. My identity is not defined by how I am dressed.Fighting to obtain all that I know I can achieve.I work just as hard as any man.Equality is what I choose to believe.I will ride in my company jey, not a mother's sedan.Never accept being " put in your place"Your place spans from the vast sky to the deep ocean.Your spirit is one that no one could ever replace.Your pride can be just as important as any other emotion.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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