No Make-up, No Filter


Why do girls spend sixty minutes on their make-up when they can spend five
Make-up doesn't define who you are
Your words and your actions
Those define you because those words mean a million more
Make-up is only a filter for the eyes to see
But make-up only hides who you are on the outside
It's the inside that most people need to see
It's what you do that can change lives
Not what you look like
It's the encouraging words you say before you leave for college
not the clothes you bring with you
These things are the differences between a girl and a woman
But a girl is not wrong for using make-up because she doesn't know
She doesn't know that make-up won't get her the life she plans to live
Yes, I enjoy make-up but I won't put a filter on who I am as a person
Because me without a filter is me without boundaries
I'm a bald eagle that never stops flying
It's who I am and I'm not afraid to embrace it
Embrace that one day in the future, I will look back and say
I'm a graduate college student
I'm a special education teacher
I'm a friend, daughter, sister, niece, cousin
But most of all I will say I'm me
I am Brittany Lovegren
and without a filter, I can change the world.


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