No Longer


United States
26° 21' 43.362" N, 97° 58' 51.906" W

A long time had
Now a long time gone
Makes one so sad
But I must carry on

A once was then
Is a never was now
In the arms of a friend
Do I mourn a lost vow

What was mine to keep
Became theirs to dispose
Therefore, I weep
At the hands of my foes

A promised forever
Now a broken endeavor
A rise from the ashes
Born of fire and lashes

My house now a place
I no longer call home
No longer an embrace
Since the moment I’d grown

A sacred save haven
Becomes a dark prison
A disastrous cave in
Where light had once risen

A carefree pavilion
Of love and open arms
Now cast into oblivion
Full of deceitful trick charms

Where I was once received
I take pains to keep away
For what I once believed
Is now shattered in disarray

My body goes slack
Like a dreamer’s often does
And wish things back
To the way it once was.


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