No Less Valuable


I Want to Be, I Have to Be

The girl everyone can look up to..

The one who will hold all things together…

The woman with a voice that will never fade..

The precious one nobody would ever have the decency to hurt..

The young lady everyone could be proud of..

The intelligent one

The beautiful one

The kind that can see eye to eye with everyone

The one with inner worth

The one anyone would want to call wife

Or daughter

Or mother

Or daughter in law

The one who protects herself from pain

The one that succeeds in all things

The kind that sings a melody that puts everyone in awe

The dancer with all experience to woah the crowd

The kind with courage to speak up for what she believes in

The woman who would always believe in God and never doubt her faith

The fearless one who is not even afraid of herself

The gorgeous one who is even pretty when she cries

The one everyone takes serious and never pokes fun at

The one with friends who are truthful

The girl who collects photos she is proud of

The one who will make her life a legacy


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