No Insurance for Being Love Sick

Melancholy spasms with a trace of the Blues
I'm sick for you
No anecdote to cure this spell
So I'll just spend the night going through withdrawals
Thinking about your drawers and how I wish I was in them
You always keep me in heat
I must have a 24-hr fever
Pulse rate on high, I hope I don't go into cardiac arrest
I long to lay on your chest
Lay topless with my body on yours
Your pecks to my breasts
No sex, just comfort
I imagine these images
Dream of them
Sometimes I get so nostalgic, I create illusions
And it scares my friends so much they think I'm schizophrenic
Call a paramedic, but the diagnosis is Love Sick
Come un-zip this straight jacket
And tell me I'm not crazy
Save me with your Adderall kisses
And take away the anxiety I've been suffering with,
Since you've been gone



You are a great poet.The emotions in this poem are so powerful, especially the feelings of love and longing for someone to return.

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