No I Can't Tell You


I can't describe to you what makes me happy,who I am proud of,what I'm looking forward to,
These things are not easy for me to express.
Maybe if I was talking to you face to face,
It would be easier to explain.
A poem could not hold all of the emotions that I have,
It could never fit all the joy in my heart
There is too many people I am proud of and too many things I look forward to
These things I know I could not express,
not in a poem,a story,or an essay.
If only you could look into my heart and see
The little party going on inside of me
I am always celebrating looking forward to the next great things
Proud of everyone because who knows who could be the next big thing,
Our future lawyers,parents,teachers,or anything.
So no I can't describe what I would celebration,who I am proud of,or what I am looking forward to.
Since I celebration everything,am proud of everyone and look forward to everything.


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