No Hats Allowed

Wed, 02/25/2015 - 16:07 -- Zakey93


I got hit up with some plans for the night.
I told peeps that I'm down and he said alright.

He said the place is strict on a night with big crowds.                                                                         Just so you know now bro, NO HATS ALLOWED.

Well before I head out with him to celebrate.
I gotta call my barber up so I can get my hair straight.

I had a long two weeks and I need a cut.
Plus I want that sharp line I know he'll hook it up.

But something went wrong as I dialed his phone.
It seems the only dial I heard, was the dial back tone.

So I go to the shop just to see if he's there.
Come to find out he was nowhere by his chair!

I asked around the Barbershop, "Well where could he be?"
I can't believe it. I got word he gotta shop in DC!

Now I'm thinking bout who else I can call.
I'm not tryna go to Super Cuts at the Mini-Mall.

As I attempted to cancel my plans.
I heard the barber in the back say "Aye I got you my man."

He had no heads waiting for him so I was skeptical.
I've never seen cutting skills, and I can tell he's new.

But I had no other choice, the other barbers are booked.
I sat down, he caped me up, asking how I want my look.

I said "Keep it dark on the top and light on the sides"
He said "So you want a taper?" I say "Yeah that's right."

"I need my line straight and I want my neck round."
I'm going out tonight and it's "No Hats Allowed."

He said "I got you bruh, just sit back, relax, and Ima charge you 10 now but it's 15 when you come back."

Wow! My old barber used to charge me 20.
I was glad he said 10 cuz that's all I had on me.

He turned the clippers on and they start BUZZIN'.
and with no hesitation the dude start  CUTTIN'

I can't even lie I was nervous as to bail.
Was it all over my face? Could the other people tell?

Yooo! The hair start rolling off the top of my head.
My back is to the mirror, I can't see what he did.

My heart is pumping as he starts a conversation.
I ain't say much because I need his concentration.

I'm almost done and my anxiety is racing.
T-Edgers on my forehead, I can feel the vibrations.

Before I know it he says "Yo you're done".
I look the mirror to see the outcome.

What a surprise, the dude did his thing.
I dapped the barber up and then I asked for his name.

He said "Yo I'm Malcolm" and I said "I'm Zak!
Aye thanks for the cut man it came out hot!"

He got me looking right and got rid of my eddy.
He brushed the hair off my shoulders
Man I knew I was ready.

I left the barbershop feeling Oh So Proud!
Never had another worry bout No Hats Allowed.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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