No Happy Ending

I didnt know what love was until i met him.

I only read about it in stories and dreamed of it.


I dreamt of a happy ending


I didn’t know at first.

I didn’t know I would fall so hard

For the curly-haired, brown-eyed boy

Whom i was only to put on break.


I didn’t know he would join me the next day.

I didn’t know his name would be one that I would look forward to.

I didn’t know we would become friends.

I didn’t know.


We would go to the movies not long after

And i still remember my feelings.

I didnt want to watch the movie but i did

Because you did.

I was sleepy but i forced myself to stay awake

Because you did.


Perhaps we were doomed from the start.

Perhaps i knew in my heart we weren’t meant to be.


I didn’t want to fall in love.

I didnt want to give my heart to someone

Who could easily break it.

I didnt want to meet that boy.


So what if we didn’t actually become one?

We both knew we had feelings

So why didnt it continue?

I loved you and you loved me.


I dont understand how you can live

With the knowledge that we could’ve been something

Without questioning that something

Like i do.


I didnt know about love until i met you.

I only dreamed and read about meeting someone like you.


But there’s no happy ending here.

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