No Filter Needed


With no filter I am me,

Sailing far beyond the seas.

Just me being me,

Just me being set free.

With no filter I can breathe.

I am lonely but I am free.

Breathing air that only I can breathe, for it is my air that sets me free.

The truth behind my closed door. The hurt, the pain and many, many more.

The struggle of pleasing all those around me, not having the time to please myself (How could

that be?)

I read books that took me on more adventures than in reality.

Prayed to my God that gave me blessing that only I could see.

Thankful for all the struggle he put me through, for I know without the struggle I wouldn't know

what to do.

My laugh that flourished in every room,

Hid my true spirit in which I consumed,

deep down inside me,

Hiding what I really felt in my shadow behind me.

With no filter I am a "G"

Silent like in lasagna, as I sip my hot tea.

Quiet to society as the drama unfolds,

Listening very quietly as their stories are retold.

I am me no matter what others think,

I am me no matter how far I sink.

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