-No Filter

I'm just tryna get to know you tonight
I'm sure there's a lot of things on your mind
And people you inspire? 
See the connections I have 
with people is not my desire
For the things I aspire
Are high class attire
A luxury living with relaxed intentions
Don't be scared to mention
I life that pays you through pensions
And even when your pinched you still feel the same feeling 
And quickly realize the life that your now living
So gifted your elevated by millions
Could we ever get that high
I mean elevated, by millions 
Elevators, no ceilings
Your talent, is what lifts them
How high are we with that three tier 
Structure of dreams and success
Did you reach your destination
Knowing you gave it your best
And nonetheless it's no contest
When they try and get you to settle for something less then your ordinary standards
Like you don't have the key to the city
Hanging from your landaird
Like your not the number one from the city putting the town on the map and making these tracks solely for the banners
You wouldn't believe the things they think when your on the verge of greatness 
So close to the brink
And portray with sun and all about fun
Only through filters do you filter and search for the right one

But when the suns down and the moons up will you find the real one.


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