No Escape

                       ME you 

There is a space between these words but... 

has there really ever been space between us?

From the first beat of my heart, you were there.

                 When there were monsters in my closet, you saved me from my fear.

Your presence is so constant, I am not always aware,

                                                         but when I need you, I always find you near.

In the silence of my mind,

when I feel I'm all alone

I can  hear your gentle whisper 

and feel your quiet caress

across the plane of my conscienciousness

There are those who say you're dead,

but if I can feel you here, does that mean I am wrong?

That would mean your love is only in my head

And I don't know but I hope it's so

that they are wrong instead.

Your love has no escape,

                         But why would I even try?

Because without you,

                     easy things become hard,

                                 and the phrase "as easy as breathing" rings false in my ears.

Because without you,

                  Breathing is hard.

                        And waking up is hard.

                            And I become as significant as the dust from which you made me.


Because without you,



                                                    I am nothing.




I like this so much!

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