No,please just let me be,

please don't try to destroy everything that I am,

I know how much everyone hates me,

Your like the giant and I am like the food on your dinner -plate just a small piece of ham,

that's very clear to see.


words,violence,and all you stand for is the opposite of what I think humanity means,

I believe in everyone is at least an ounce of good somewhere,

does this negative and harsh personaily run in your genes,

I gasp as you choke me and I try to breath in the air.


No, please just go away,

what did I ever do to make you think that hurting me is okay,

there is no place that is safe no matter where I stay,

I know life is unfair but does it always have to happen this way,

the crowd laughs with  the bully,and I just wait for tomorrow instead of this -today.

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