Nineteen-Twenty Six- Twelve


I walked away with a look tossed to you over my shoulder

Hoping your eyes would catch it, but you turned away

I’d never seen your countenance any colder

We had no idea things would go so astray


I worried about you that July night

But I kept my mouth shut and my eyes open

I knew what you’d done wasn’t right

But like a child, I was still hopin’


I watched how you were treated

Knowing that it was all so stupid

The situation was all so heated

But their opinions were so deeply rooted


I got the news the next day

The day that changed everything

I heard you’d gone away

Never to come back again


Suddenly nobody cared about your mistakes

They all wanted you back to stay

All the hurt was gone with the heartbreak

There was no denying the pain


We’d been through so much together

And you left me all alone, never to know the answers

All the pain and problems you’d had to weather

The selfish urges invaded like a cancer


How could you leave me?

Did you even care anymore?

I knew you just wanted to be free,

but you forgot what you swore.


You promised you’d stay.

You’d stay for me.

Take it day-by-day,

That you’d never leave.


I never told you I loved you.

And you were everything to me.

I never told you I needed you,

And my best friend you’ll forever be.


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