Nightly Routine

*buzz buzz buzz*

(I don’t wanna get up)

(Ugh this phone is so bright)

(4:00am. Great)




(Here we go again)

“Hey Bri, did I wake you up?”


*sitting up*

(Three nights in a row. Will I ever get a break?)

Nah. I’ve been up all night watching TV.

“Oh that’s cool”


*getting up*

(Might as well get a drink while I’m up)

“Any good shows?”

Sarah, why are you still up?



Sarah. Please talk to me.

(Should I get my parents again?)

Sarah what’s wrong?



“I was thinking about him again”

(I swear I will hunt this man down)

Sarah you can’t let him haunt you. Have you taken your medicine today?



Sarah why aren’t you taking them?

(Her mom needs to get it together and help her!!)

“I ran out and my family doesn't want me to have more.”


*sipping my juice*

They telling you to pray again?

“They think if I go to church more I’ll get better.”

(You can’t pray a kid better! She needs to go back to therapy!)


*pacing the kitchen*

(I can’t wait till college where she's away from them)

Sarah we know they are wrong. You just have to hang on a few more months

“I know. It’s so hard Bri. I don’t want to be here anymore”



Sarah I want you here. Your friends want you here. I need you to hold on. Please

“I have the pills in my hand now. It’s why I called.”

(Jesus should I call 911??)


*soft crying*

Sarah I need you to put those down. Remember last month?

(She’s gonna go back. They are going to Baker Act her again)

“Yea…It was horrible”


*grabbing the house phone*

You don’t wanna end up there again right?

“yea it was scary”

(Damn right it was!)


*dialing 911*

“I just feel hopeless. Like I wont get better.”

(Just wait till college when I can help more. Please)

Sarah I promise you will get better. But there is a lot of work to go.



“Your’e right. I put them back”

(Thank. God.)

Ok that’s good! Every time you stay strong you are one step closer.


*put the house phone down*

Now you need sleep. We still have one more day till the weekend.

“I don’t know if I should go”

(She needs to be out of that house)


*heading back to bed*

I think you should but if you can’t make it you have to text me.

“I will. I think I just need another day off”

(She’s missed so much. The school is gonna call home again.)


*lying back down*

Ok Sarah. Whatever you need to get better

“Thanks Bri. I’m sorry for bothering you”

(I am going to be exhausted tomorrow)


*becoming drowsy*

Your’e never a bother Sarah. You going to bed?

(Please say yes. I need to sleep)

“I’m gonna try. Goodnight Bri”


*hanging up*

(I hope she's not lying)

(I wish I could help more)

(I’m so sleepy…)


Based on a true story

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