The Night Shift

They say you see

someone’s soul

Through their eyes

I see their souls

In the money they

Slide into my jacket


I see his soul when

He takes me for a ride

As he drives deeper

Into the night

And I fake my pleasure


They also say that

I should be ashamed

For who I am as they

Spit and sneer parading

Ground they supposedly

Stand on so far above



Sometimes I wonder

On the long walks I

Take at night

Hoping these won’t be my

last steps what

They would say when

They need to feed

Their kids and

They have no where

Else to



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Our world
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Jessica Schiffman


This is my third effort to contact you to request permission to reprint your poem, The Night Shift, in an anthology that will be published in 2019. I would be happy to discuss any concerns you might have and to direct you to more information about the book.

Thank you,

Jessica Schiffman

University of Delaware, Department of Women and Gender Studies (retired)


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