The Night it Happened

She was three 
maybe four 
when her mom opened the door 
and she said goodnight like she always did before. 
He was drunk 
Plus he smoked 
Think he did a little coke 
But that night was different, he did a bit of both 
So she walked out the door 
Didn’t say anymore 
But he wasn’t having it so he grabbed her by force 
Took her back to the room 
Said it’d be over soon 
But she wasn’t having it, so she refused 
That was a big consequence ‘cause she got hit 
It hurt so bad that she decided to quit 
So he did what he did the girl heard her scream 
Watched her helplessly, and couldn’t do anything 
The night was over and so was he 
He left a bloodstain in the b-e-d 
The girl was traumatized or rather scarred for life 
She couldn’t explain it, but she knew it wasn’t right 
So she left it to herself, couldn’t tell how she felt 
But she was still hurt so she got her some help 
She still hurts psychologically
Oh, did I mention, the little girl was me. 

(True story).


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