That night


My blood is spilt for your sacrifice
Dirty to the touch
You are sick with delight

On my brow I find the glistening remnence of my existence
I strived to save you
I strived to pull you from the depths of despair
But you were so focused on my defeat you saw nothing of your own prison
I strived to save you that night.

Those little blue men wearing white caps forced themselves down your throat.
You started seeing your life, 10x over.
Times of sorrow and times of pain.
You forgot that in it all I was there trying to save you from those things

Blades are not toys and there i was trying to be GI Jane asking you to come with me fighting with my last breath
Save you from yourself and the monster you held within

You laughed at my stupidity, you laughed at my gullibility
You laughed untill you choked on your own vomit and still you laughed, you reminded me of the Joker that night.

When dawn came I saw life being ullumitated around us and I cried.
I cried till rivers looked like puddles I cried till I took the oceans as my substitute tears and it stung like a thousand stings, it couldn't be stopped. I swam in those tears.
But I wasn't sure I wanted to breath anymore.

The saddest thing ever to me that day you did live but you killed apart of me.


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My community


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. Keep expressing your heart.  

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