Next time someone asks why feminism even exists anymore, show them this:

She was supposed to be a boy.

Over there, she might not have lived to see another day.

Here, she was loved.


I am loved. I can follow my dreams.

But they called me bossy.




However, he is a boy, so

He is sure of himself.


He strives for his goals.


A woman loves a man; she's a slut.

A man loves a woman; he's just being a man.


If a woman says no to a man, she's picky.

Who does she think she is?


If a man says no to a woman, whatever.

He has the right to.


Someone is being weak? 

The insult of the day is a derogatory name for a female.


I am a girl.

I am not bossy; I am sure of myself.

I am not loud; I am confident.

I am not pushy; I am striving towards my goals.


I will do what I want, when I want.

Because, even though this society has claimed that feminism is dead



Driven by lesbian man-haters.

A joke.



It is actually filled with all types of women, of all sexualities, who love

Men. A lot. No really. Hello, abs. Hi, there.


. . . And who are striving for



Open discussions.

No more body shaming.

Equal wages.

The end of "slut-shaming."



Feminists aren't crazy.


fem·i·nist . . . what every woman should be.



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