Next To Nothing


Next to nothing, my image sits still in your mind.


But hardly there.

Eventually a thought you'll bear

Will bring me into the light

The sun of day will touch my Truth

I can't even hide at night.

The moon and it's dark side

Will take its place within me.

By its rules I abide.

What must be known shall be,

Even when my spirit sets free.

Until I become less than a Memory,

Let my story be told

When I am many steps past Old.


Maybe you'll forget

These steps I took.

Maybe you'll remember

The choices I made,

That I stuck with forever.

Maybe generations ahead will think,

Read my words

And let their heats sink.


Active this way,

My heart stars pumping

Into this world,

I might bring Something.

Something more than Nothing

The Nothing I sit still next to in your mind.



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