As I wake I hear noise

Coming closer and closer

I see monsters every where destroying most of my family and friends

But then I see one coming towards us...

It's big hands scrapped our foundation on which we stood picking up nothing but my daughter

I swayed my arms up and down, side to side breaking only pieces of me.

But nothing works...

All I see is my daughter being drug by these monsters.

She yells and screams,"Help mommy! Help!'

But I could not move. I was grounded to the foundation on which I stood horrified at this site.

I cryed out yelling, screaming, and crying but no one hears me

They killed my baby right infront of me .

As I stand there I reminece about the times we had with each other.

As I cried my last tear, it was all over

The drug her away until I could not see her anymore.

All I could feel was hurt and sickness inside of me.

I slowly bent my head in defeat...

until I was next.


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