Newton's First Law

Hell, everyone knew it was coming,

but no one knew how to stop it.

A body obeying Newton’s first law.

Some say it was selfish, but I argue that, 

maybe, it was necessary.

Perhaps, ordained from the beginning,

from the time we first met.

He was wearing his grandfather’s coat,

his septum was pierced, & he had no tattoos, 

that would come later.

Almost first thing, he told me he had schizophrenia.

I laughed at him uneasily, while his brother looked on.

He fell so easily in love,

the second time we met he told me he loved me, 

& maybe he did.

He was very sweet, believing everything you said,

whether it was true or not.

In spite of that,  

he never believed me when I said, I love you.

This may be the saddest thing of all.


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